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(Pocket) Boeken engelstalig


1. The rise and fall of Herman Goering-Willi Frischauer.  Ballantine pocket nr.F 409 K.  USA 1951.  251 pages. In excellent cond. 2,50
2. Pillar of cloud-Jackson
Burgess.  Corgi books.
GW815. UK. 1957. In excellent condition.  
3. Love without fear-
Eustace Chesser. Signet
Book T3283.   29th print.
USA. In exc.condit. 1,50
4.Dawn of D-Day - David Howarth. Fontana Books Uk nr.510.  1961. 256 pages. In nice cond. 2,50
5.Magnoliastreet-Louis Golding. A Giant Arrow pocket  nr.484. Uk. 1957.  448 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
6. Water of life-Henry Morton Robinson. Cardinal Edition GC 951. 2nd.print. July 1961. USA. In nice cond.  1,50 
7.The making of a president 1960-Theodore E.White. Pocket Books In c. Cardinal edition GC 953. USA. 7th pr. 1963.  481 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
8. Beyond defeat-Hans Werner Richter.  Panther
Books 1046.  UK. 1960.
In excellent condition.  1,50
9. A fortnight in the Black Forest-Leslie Bransby. 
Publ.:Percival Marshall.,
Uk.  1954. In ice condit. 1,=
10.Guys and dolls- Damon  Runyon. Pocket
Books Inc. nr.1098. USA.
Nov.1955. In exc.condit.
11. The old man-William
Faulkner. Signet Books
nr.692.  1st.printing.
Nov.1948.  In excellent 
condition.   1,50
12. Miss Pym disposes-
Josephine Tey.       Dell Books 5677. USA. 1964.
In excellent condition.   1,=
13. An old captivity-Nevil
Shutre.  Lancer Books 72-645. USA. 1962.   In
excellent condition.   1,50
14. The man who never was-Ewen Montagu. Bantam Books J2772. USA. 1964.
In excellent condition.   1,=
15. Was it murder-James Hilton.  Bantam Books.
USA.  1st publ.      March
1946.  In nice condition. 2,=
16. Israel's fight for survival-Robert J. Donovan. Signet Books T3286. USA. 1967.
In excellent condition.  1,50
17. Five little pigs-Agatha Christie. Pan Books  364.  Uk. 1955. In nice cond. 1,50


18. The eye of love- Margery Sharp. Fontana Books 337.  UK.

1959.  In nice cond.  1,=

19.The man in the gray flannel suit-Sloan Wilson. Pocket Books Inc. Cardinal edition C 230. USA.  2nd.pr. May  1956.  287 pag. In nice cond. 2,=
20.The man within-Graham Greene. Bantam pocket nr.355.  1st Bantam print august 1948.  210 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
21. The last time I saw Paris-Elliot Paul.  Bantam Books.  2nd printing jan. 1946. USA. In excellent
condition.  1,50
22. The ladybird-D.H. Lawrence. Penguin Books 1483. UK. 1960.     In
excellent condition. 1,=
23. The murder on the links-Agatha Christie. Pan Books X241. UK. 7th printing. 1964. In excellent condition. . 1,25   
24. Tropic of Capricorn- Henry Miller.  Grove Press USA. 4th print. 1961.  In excellent condition.  1,50
25. Justine-Lawrence Durrell.
Faber and Faber UK.
1961. In nice condition.
26.The man who shot Quantrill-George C. Appell. Pocket Book nr.1232.  2nd.pr. March 1959. 199 pag. In exc. cond.  2,=
27. Leave it to Psmith- P.G.Wodehouse. Penguin books nr.936.  UK. 1954.
In nice condition. 2,=
28. Father Malachy's miracle- Bruce Marshall. Fontana Books 742. UK. 1962. In excellent condition.  1,=
29. The ugly american-WilliamJ.Lederer and Eugene Burdick. Corgi Books GN 919. In nice condition. 1,=
30.Another little drink-Peter Cheney. Fontana Books Uk nr.808.  1963.  192 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
31. It walks by night-John
Dickson Carr. Penguin Books 124.  UK. 1961. In
excellent condition.  1,25
32. The time of the Gringo-Elliott Arnold. Bantam Books F1379. 1955. USA.
In excellent condition.  1,50
33. Richard the Second-
Shakespeare. Washington Square Press W119. 1962. 1st print. USA. In excellent condition.  1,=
34. Cakes and ale-W. Somerset Maugham.
Pocket Book 1158.  2nd
print. 1957. USA. In excellent condition.
35. Freedom road-Howard Fast. Pocket Book 6128.
2nd print. 1962.  USA. In
excellent condition.    1,25
36.Railroad hombre-John D.Burton. Wagon Wheel western W239. Uk. 1963.. 160 pag. In exc.cond. 3,=
37.The Midas compulsion -Ivan Shaffer. Publ.: Dell nr.5622.  August 1970. USA. 300 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
38.Guns from Powder Valley-Peter Field. Bantam Books  nr.68. USA. 1946.  178 pag. In exc.cond. 3,=


39. One day in the life of Ivan Dennisovich. Signet 
Book P2295. USA.   1st. print. 1963.  In excellent
condition.  2,=
40. The burden-Agatha Christie writing under the name Mary Westmacott.  Dell pocket 0863.  3rd.print.  March 1964. USA. In exc. cond. 1,50
41. Heaven has no favorites - Eich Maria Remarque.Crest Book D515. USA.1961.  In excellent condition.  1.50
42. Tower in the west- Frank Norris.  Lancer Books 74-834.  USA.  1964. In excellent condition. 1,50
43. House of defence-Elizabeth Berridge.  1948.
The Albatross volume 579. In excellent condition. 1,25
44. The devil's advocate- Morris L.West. Dell Books.  4th print.  June
1961. USA.  In excellent condition.  1,25
45. Mountain medicine- A.B.Guthrie Jr.  Pocket Books USA.  Cardinal edition, March 1961.  In excellent condition.  1,50
46. The Berlin couriers- James McGovern.  Pyramid Books X1378.
2nd.printing 1966.  USA.
In excellent condition. 1,= 
47. Open the ports-J.Grosenor & Lt.Comdr.L.M.Bates.  The exciting story of human mine sweepers.  Kimber pocket  edit. UK. 1960. In exc.cond. 2,=
48. Death track-Charles Trapper. A living death on the Siam Birma railway.   Digit Booka Uk 1961.In exc. cond.   2,=
49. The new industrial state- John Kenneth  Galbraith. Signet Book Y3637. USA. 1967.  In excellent cond. 1,25
50. The Concertgoers Handbook-Hubert Foss.
Pocket Book B44. USA.
1951.  In excellent condition.     1,50
51. The spy in the Java sea-Bill S.Balinger.  Signet
Books D2981. 1st. print.
USA.  1967.  In excellent
condition.  1,=
52. The Copenhagen affair- Slater McGurk.  Lancer Books 73-592.   USA. 1967. In excellent condition.    1,=
53. Black money - Ross
MacDonald. Fontana Book 1762. UK.  1966.     In
excellent condition.  1,=
54.Marshall without glory- Ewan Butler en Gordon Young. Panther Book pocket  nr.608. 1956.  256 pag. Exc.cond. 2,50 
55. Mosquitoes-William Faulkner.  Dell Book nr.D168.  USA. 4th.print.   1959.   In excellent condition.  1,25
56. Sink the Bismarck- Frank Brennand. Four Square pocket  187.  March  1960. UK.  160 pages. In exc.cond. 2,50
57. The scarlet thread-Donald Downes.  Panther Books  924.  UK.  1959. In excellent condition.   1,25
58. The shoes of the Fisher men-Morris West.  Pan Books X 305. UK. 1963. In excellent condition. 1,=
59.Alert in the West(a luft- waffe ace in the thick of battle)-Willi Heilman. Publ.:William Kimber & Co.,London. Kimber pocket edit. 1958.  188 pag. In exc.cond.  2,=
60. The last one left-John D.MacDonald. A Fawcett
Gold Medal Book. M2203.
USA. 1967.  In excellent
condition.    1,=
61. Only the valiant-Charles Marquis Warren. Bantam Books USA. April 1960.In excellent condition. 1,50
62.The mountain road-  Theodore H.White. Signet Book nr.D1793. USA. 1960. In exc.cond. 2,=
63. The chinese hammer- Simon Harvester.  Collier
Books  USA.  1st.edition.
1962.  In excellent condition.  1,25
64. Conversations with Stalin-Milovan Djilas. Penguin pocket nr.1967. 
1963. In exc.cond.  1,50
65.Giant-Edna Ferber. Pocket Books c 120.  USA. 1957. 389 pag. In exc. cond. 4,=
66.No highway-Nevil Shute. Publ.Dell Book 516. USA. 288 pag. 1st edit. In exc.cond. 2,=
67.Martin Eden-Jack London. Penguin Books pocket nr.587.  Uk. May 1946.  346 pag. Exc.consd.  2,50
68. Pastoral-Nevil Shute.
Ballantine Books X757.
USA.  In excellent cond.
69. Saturday night and Sunday morning-Alan Sillitoe. Signet pocket D 1842. USA. 1st.pr.  1960.  190 pg. In excellent cond.  2,=
70.The White Nile-Alan Moorehead. Dell pocket nr.9516. Nov.1972. USA. 415 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
71. Journey into fear-Eric
Ambler.  Fontana Books 1321. 1966.  In excellent
condition.  1,=
72.The manipulator-Dan brennan. Publ.: Caravelle Books Inc., New York. Flagship Modern fiction 09 2 -00850-075. 1968.  188 pages. In exc.cond. 1,50
73.After many a summer- Aldous Huxley. Penguin Modern classics nr.1049. Uk. 1964. 251 pag. In exc.cond.  2,=
74. The hurricane-Terence Robertson. Ballantine pocket nr. 410K.  USA.  1960.  143 pages. In exc.cond. 2,=
75. The tight white collar- Grace Metalious. Dell pocket S25. 3rd.printing 1962.  USA. In excellent condition. 1,50
76. In  the wet-Nevil Shute. Pan Books 330-02291-1.UK.  2nd.printing 1969. In
excellent condition.  1,=
77. The black shrike-Alistair MacLean.  Fawcett Gold Medal Book. Nov.1970. In excellent condition.  1,=
78.The age of longing- Arthur Koestler. Signet Giant pocdket nr.S985. 1st.pr. 1953. USA. 350 pg. In nice cond. 2,50
79. The smoldering sea- U.S .Andersen. A Cardinal Edition C 140.  USA.April 1954.  In nice condit.   1,50
80.Anatomy of a murder-Robert Traver. Dell pocket nr.F75. USA. 3rd.pr. 1959.  512 pag. In nice cond. 2,50
81.Air bridge-Hammond Innes. Fontana Books  nr.54. Uk. 3rd pr. 1961.  253 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
82.Men against the stars. Edited by:Martin Greenberg. Introduced by:Willy Ley. Pyramid Giant pocket G234.  1st.pr. 1950 191 pag. Exc. cond. 2,50
83.Means to an end-John Rowan Wilson. Fontana Books Collins pocket 560. Uk.  1961.  254 pag. Exc.cond.  2,=
84. The adventure of the Christmas pudding- Agatha Christie. Fontana pocket 896.  Uk. 1963.  In exc.cond. 1,50
85. The murder on the links-Agatha Christie.  Pan Books X241. UK. 7th print 1964.  In excellent condit.
86.Mission of gravity-Hal Clement. Penguin Science Fiction pocket  nr.1978.  Uk. 1963.  200 pag. Exc.cond. 2,=
87. Crooked house- Agatha Christie. Fontna Bokks pocket 328.  3rd.pr. 1961.  Uk. In exc. cond.  2,=
88. The body in the library-Agatha Christie. Great Pan pocket G221. Uk.  4th.pr.  1960. In exc. cond. 2,=
89. The offenders-R.H.Ward.  Great Pan pocket G584. UK. 1960. In exc.cond.  1,50
90.NMonster rally-Chas Addams. Pocket Books Inc. nr.50061. USA. febr. 1965.  127 pag. Exc.cond.  2,=
91. The murder of Roger Ackroyd-Agatha Christie.  Pocket Book edit.  Usa. 11th. pr.  Oct.1945. In nice cond.  2,=
92. Hercule Poirot's Christmas-Agatha Christie.  Pan Books X 721, Uk.  1967. In exc. cond.  1,50


93. At Bertam's hotel-Agatha Christie. Fontana Books 1521. Uk.  In nice cond. 1,=
94.Angelique-Sergeanne Golon. Bantam Book pocket nr.S2064. USA. 1960.790 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
95. The sinking of the Bismarck-Will Berthold. Corgi Books GB 817. UK. 1960. In exc.cond. 1,50 
96.The moth-James M. Cain. Signet Books nr.811.  4th.pr. March 1951. USA. 189 pag. Exc.cond. 2,50
97. Far from the customary skies-Warren Eyster.  A Bantam Giant A 1304. 1st.print.  April 1955. USA. In excellent condition. 1,50


98.Too many ghosts-Paul Gallico. Publ.:Pocket Book Inc. USA.  Cardinal edit. C426.  2nd.pr. Sept.1961. 278 pag. In exc.cond. 1,50


99. An old captivity-Nevil Shute.  Lancer Books 72-645. 1962. USA.   In excellent condition.  2,= 
100.The angry mountain- Hammond Innes. Pan Books pocket nr.274. Uk. 1954. 223 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
101.James Bond:Moonraker-Ian Fleming. Pan Books X234.  Uk. 13th pr. 1963. 190 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
102. Air Force-Frank Harvey. Ballantine pocket 329K. USA. 1959.  142 pages. In exc.cond. 2,50
103. The nine days of Dunkirk -David Divine. Ballantine pocket F368K.  USA 1959.  286 pages.  In exc.cond.  2,=
104.The sea around us (fascinating revelations about the magic and mystery of the ocean)- Rachel L.Carson. Publ.: New American Library. USA. Mentor Book M 100.  Jan.1954.  169 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
105. Too late the Phalarope- Alan Paton.  Signet Book S1290.  USA. 1st printing april 1956. In excellent condition.  1,50
106.Another Claudia-Rose Franken. Pocket Books nr.499.  USA. 1948. 214 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
107. Doctor at sea- Richard Gordon. Penguin Book 1561.  1961.   UK.   In  excellent condition. 1,50
108. The great train
robbery-John Gosling and
Dennis Craig. Signet Books P2752.  1st.print. Oct' 1965. USA. In exc. condit.  1,50
109. Candy-Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg. Putnam 1042. USA. 1964.
In nice condition.  1,=
110.More Penguin Science Fiction-Edited by Brian Aldiss. Penguin Books Uk 1st.pr. 1963. 236 pag. In exc. cond. 2,=
111. Strait is the gate- Andre Gide. Vintage Books,New York.  1960. In excellent condition.  1,25
112.Barbary shore-Norman Mailer. Signet pocket nr.1019.  1st.pr. 1953.  USA. In nice cond. 216 pag. 2,50
113. The razor's blade-W. Somerset Maugham. Pocket Book 418. USA.  7th print. Nov.1947. In exc.cond.  1,50
114. The great mouthpiece - Gene Fowler. Bantam Book 32.  USA.  April 1946.  In excellent condition. 2,=
115. Operation T-Norman Daniels. Pyramid Spy 
Thriller R 1652. 1st. print.
USA. 1967. In nice cond.
116. Wuthering heights- Emily Bronte.  Pocket Book USA. 29th print 1949.  In  excellent condition. 1,50
117.Berlin:Story of a battle april-may 1945-Andrew Tully.  Macfadden Books pocket nr. 75-136. USA. 1964. 287 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
118.Battle surgeon-Frank G. Slaughter. Pocket Books nr.50503. USA. 1966. 283 pag. In exc. cond.  2,=
119. The incredulity of Father Brown -G.K. Chesterton. Penguin Book 1069. UK. 1958.  In exc.condit. 1,25
120.The best american short stories 1963. Ballantine Books pocket nr.U6002. USA. 1963. 416 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
121. The black prince(and other stories)-Shirley Ann grau. Signet Books S1318
1st.print July 1956. USA. In nice cond.   1,50
122. Famous american plays of the 1940's-Henry Hewes. Dell 2490.  3rd 
print march 1963. USA.
In excellent condition. 1,50
123.Moulin Rouge-Pierre La Mure. A Signet Double Volume  921 A+B.  1st.pr. Febr.1952.  510 pag. In good cond. 1,50
124. The night Hamburg died- Martin Caidin. Ballantine Books F359K. 1960 USA.
In excellent condition. 2,= 
125.Best of Sci-Fi nr.2. Edited by:Judith Merril. Mayflower Dell pocket nr.9773. Uk. 1963.  399 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
126. Science and the modern world- Alfred North Whitehead. Mentor Book  MP538. USA. 13th print. 1964. In exc.condit. 1,25
127.Mrs.Craddock-W. Somerset Maugham. Dell pocket D176. 4th pr. Jan.1959 .  384 pag. In nice cond. 2,=
 128.Mrs.Harris M.P.-paul Gallico. Pan Books X709. 1st.pr. Uk. 1965. 123 pag.In exc.cond. 2,=
129. The world of Suzie Wong-Richard Mason.  Fontana Books 302.  9th print dec. 1960.  USA. In excellent condition.  1,25
130. The best of everything -Rona Jaffe.  A Cardinal Giant GC 68.  2nd print. August 1959. USA. in exc. cond.  2,=
131. The Pocket Book of Old Masters-Herman J. Wechsler. Pocket Book 578. USA. 3rd.print aug. 1949.        In excellent  condition.   2,50
132. Famous artists and their models-Thomas Craven. Pocket Book 579. USA. 2nd print June 1949. In excellent condition. 2,50
133. Gods and godesses in Art and Legend-Herman J. Wechsler.  Pocket Book 661. 1st.print april 1950. 
In excellent condition. 2,50
134.Murder Inc.-Sid Feder and Burton B.Turkus. Perma Books P187S. 2nd. perma pr. Oct.1952.   510 pag. In esc.cond. 2,50
135. The lady of the White House-Eleanor Roosevelt
 Gorgi Books 846. UK.
June 1951.  In nice condit.
136. Delta of Venus-Anais Nin. Bantam Books.USA. June 1978. In excellent condit.
137. Surprising Amsterdam- Arthur Frommer. USA. 
1965.  In nice condition.
138. Mao Tse Tung-Stuart Schram. Pelican A480. 
UK. 1967.  In excellent condition. 1,25
139. The hours before dawn- Celia Fremlin.  Dell D422. 1st.Dell print may 1961. In excellent condition. 2,50
140.A murder of quality-John Le Carre. Signet pocket D2529.  1st.pr. Sept. 1964. 126 pag. In exc.cond. 1,50
141.Mystery and imagination - Edgar Allan Poe. Pocket Book edit. nr.39. USA. 17th pr. Dec.1949. 353 pag. In exc. cond.  3,50
142. Film world-Ivor Montagu. A pelican Original A686. 
UK. 1964.  In excellent condition.  1,50
143. Hand in glove-Ngaio Marsh. USA. June 1963. Berkley Medaillon F777. In nice condition. 1,= 
144. Murder must wait- John Creasey . Publ.: Arrow Books nr.006. . UK. 1967. In exc.cond.  1,50
145. Ah Wilderness/The hairy ape/All God's chillun got wings-Eugene O'Neill. Penguin Plays PL 18.  UK. 1960.  In excellent condition.  1,25
146.Best of Sci-Fi nr.5. Edited by Judith Merril. Mayflower Dell pocket. Uk. 1966. In nice cond. 2,=
147.The case of the stuttering bishop-Erle Stanley Gardner.  Pocket Book nr.201.  20th pr. August 1946. USA. In exc.cond. 2,50
148. The urgent hangman -Peter Cheney. White Circle Thriller 396m. In good condition.  0,75
149.The naked land-Hammond Innes. Avon pocket nr.V2372. 2nd.Avon pr. July 1972. 238 pag. In exc.cond. 1,50
150.The naked sun-Isaac Asimov. Panther pocket nr.1016. Uk. Febr.1960.  189 pag. In exc.cond. 2,50
151. Our man in Havana-Graham Greene. Penguin Book 1790. UK. 1962. In 
excellent condition. 1,25
152. A wreath for Rivera-Ngaio Marsh.  Berkley Medaillon F610. USA. febr.1962. In 
excellent condition. 1,25
153.The bramble bush- Charles Mergendahl. Bantam fifty pocket  nr.F1968. USA. 1959.  312 pag. In exc.cond.  2,50


154. Pylon-William faulkner. Signet pocket book 863. USA.  1st.pr. 1951.  189 pg.  In exc. cond. 3,=


155.Star of danger(He ventured where expert spacemen never dared)-Marion Zimmer Bradley. Publ.: Ace Book F350. 1965. 1st pr. 160 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
156. Here is your war-Ernie Pyle.  Lancer Books pocke t 72-622.  272 pages. In exc.cond. 2,=
157. I Claudius-Robert Graves. Penguin Books nr.318.  1958. In nice cond.   1,50
158. Up to her neck-John Newton Chance.  Popular Library 646.  USA.  Febr. 
1959. In excellent condit.
159. The theory of the leisure class-Thorstein Veblen. Mentor Book MP 401. USA.  6th print. 1962. In  nice condition.  1,=
160. The loneliness of the long distance runner-Alan Sillitoe.  Great Pan G505. 
UK. 7th print. 1965.    In excellent condition. 1,25
161. The Saint around the world-Leslie Charteris. Hodder 473. UK. 1961. 
In excellent.  1,50
162.The living end-Frank Kane. Dell 1st edit.nr. A142. June 1957. USA. In exc.cond. 2,50
163.The breaking point- Daphne du Maurier. Cardinal Edit. pocket nr.C414. 1st.pr. 1961. 326 pag. USA. In nice cond.   2,=
164.The shivering mountain-Paul Sommers. Fontana Books Uk. 1959.  192 pag. In nice cond. 2,50
165. A farewell to arms- Ernest Hemingway. penguin Books nr.2. 1959.  15th print. In exc. cond.  2,= 
166. James Bond:The spy who loved me-Ian Fleming. Pan Books X653. UK . 1967. In excellent condition. 1,50
167.The breaking wave- Nevil Shute. Ballantine Books pocket nr.U5005.  USA. 1964. In nice cond. 2,=
168.(Murder rides the) Campaign train -The Gordons. Publ.:A Bantam mystery nr.1475. USA. 1956. In exc.cond. 2,50
169. Butterfield 8-John O'Hara. Penguin Books nr.1469.  1st.print.  1960. UK. In exc.cond.  2,=
170. Carnival-Compton
Mackenzie. Panther Book.
UK. Dec.1961.  In exc.
condit.  1,75
171. The promise-Pearl S. Buck. Grey Arrow G106. UK.  1961. In excellent condition.  1,25
172. It's a battlefield-Graham Greene.  Star Editions. UK. 1948. In excellent condition.  1,25
173. Ruined city-Neveil Shute. Pan Books X204. UK. 1963.  In excellent condit. 
174.The man who disappeared-Edgar Bohle. Dell pocket nr.1013.  1st.pr. 1960 USA. In exc. cond.  2,50
175. 14 Stories-Pearl S.Buck. Pocket Books Inc. Giant Cardinal edition GC163.USA. 2nd.pr. May 1963.In exc.condit.  1,50
176. Adventures in two worlds-A.J.Cronin. Bantam Books H2469. 2nd pr.June 1962. USA. In exc. condit.  1,50
177.The captain from Connecticut-C.S.Forrester. Bantam Book 40.  1st.pr. March 1946.  U.S.A. 309 pag. In exc.cond.  2,50
178. The Albatross Almanac1935.  Albatross Hamburg.1934. In exc. condit. 2,=.
179. Sir Rogue-Leslie Turner White. Pocket Books Inc. Cardinal Edition C178. USA. June 1955.    In excellent condition.  1,50
180. The parasites-Daphne du Maurier. USA. Cardinal c68 . 2nd pr. febr.1953.  385 pages. In exc.cond. 2,=
181. To hell and back- Audie Murphy.  Perma Books M4029. USA. 15th.pr. Nov.1955. In exc.condit.  3,=
182. High adventure-Edmund Hillary.  Hodden UK. 1958.  In excellent condition. 2,=
183.The case of the shop- lifter's shoe-Erle Stanley Gardner.  Pocket Books Inc. nr.35034.  USA.  14th pr.  1965.  227 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
184.Pavillion of women -Pearl S.Buck. Pocket Book nr.642.  2nd pr. oct.1949.  419 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
185.The collector-John Fowles. Publ.:Dell nr. 1335. USA.  5th pr.  Nov.1965.  255 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
186. A short history of theAmerican Revolution- John Hyde Preston.  Pocket Books. Cardinal Edition C25.  2nd.pr. Febr.1952. USA. In exc.condit.  2,=
187. The arches of the years-Halliday Sutherland. Pan Books 124. UK. 1950. In excellent condit. 1,50
188. Danger my ally-F.A. Mitchell Hedges.  Great Pan  GP 48. UK. 1956. In excellent condition.  1,50
189. The dark labyrinth- Lawrence Durrell. Pocket Books Inc. GC 161. USA.  April 1963.  In 
excellent condition.  1,50
190. My gun is quick-Mickey Spillane. Corgi Books SC 1308.  UK.  1963.     In excellent condition.  1,25
191. The desert generals-Correlli Barnett. Berkley Medaillon  S605. USA. Febr.1962. In
excellent condition.  1,50
192. A tribute to John F. Kennedy-Edited by Pierre 
Salinger.  Dell 9100. USA.
febr.1965.  In excellent condition.  1,50
193. In the wet-Nevil Shute.  Perma books M4095. USA. 2nd print.  July 1960.  In nice condition. 
194. Advertisements for myself-Norman Mailer. Signet Books T1889. 1st.
print nov.1960.  USA. In excellent condition.  1,50
195.Collision course-Alvin Moscow. Dell pocket F102. USA.  1st.pr. August 1960.  288 pag. In exc. cond. 2,50
196. The immoralist-Andre Gide. Vitage Books K8.
USA. 9th print Jan.1960.
In excellent condition. 1,50
197. The great invasion-Leonard Cottrell. Pan Giant X81.  USA. 2nd print
1961.  In excellent condit.
198. Killer in the rain- Raymond Chandler.
Pocket Books Inc.75138.
USA. 1964.  In excellent
condition.  1,50
199.Hickory Dickory death -Agatha Chjristie. Publ.: Pocket Books Inc. USA. A Cardinal edit. C422.   2nd.pr. une 1061.  152 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=


200.Catalina-W.Somerset Maugham. Lancer Books nr.605. 1st pr.  192 pag. In exc. cond. 2,50

201. Mission of gravity- HalClement. Pyramid Books  F786.  USA.  1962.   In nice condition.  2,=
202. Beyond tomorrow -Damon Knight.  A Fawcett GoldMedal book. USA.  1965. In excellent condition. 1,50
203.The cauldron-Zeno. Pan Books nr.330 02o89 7.  UK.  1968.  270 pag. In exc.cond. 2,=
204. The complete sonnets, songs and poems of William Shakespeare.-Henry W. Simon. 1960.
Washington Square Press
Book W131. USA.  In
excellent condition.  1,25
205.Congo song-Stuart Cloete.  A Collins White Circle novel  nr.210. Canada.  1ste pr. 1944.  320 pag. In exc.cond.  2,50
206. The island of doctor Moreau-H.G.Wells.  Penguin Modern Classics 
nr.571.  UK. 1962.  In
excellent condition. 1,50
207. The man from UNCLE nr.10: The diving dames affair-Peter Leslie.   A Souvenir Press/Four Square Book nr.1749. UK.1967. In excellent condit. 1,50
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